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Briefly, then:

I was born on the longest night in 1983. Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) was fond of saying he was a “last century” man, but I am not. Part of me is sorry and wears hats.

I began my career in journalism and ended it before it ended me. I spent some time in South America writing and reporting and taking photos and was recently summoned to work in state government in Illinois, which I am honored to do.

I hold cars and adverbs in contempt. Cats understand me, and dogs love me sometimes more than I am able to reciprocate. There are no bad people, only weak people. El Niño doesn’t exist, as evidenced by the fact it was being made fun of the same time as the whole Clinton/Lewinsky thing, which also doesn’t exist.

Anyway, my stuff:

  • Check out my Fiction, where you can read some of my short stories and excerpts from my novels. I will soon have more work available in e-book form.
  • I wrote way more than was really necessary as a reporter, and you can read some of the less boring entries in the Non-fiction section, which continues to grow. AP Style fetishists, rejoice!
  • Before I briefly fled the country, I, uh, read Fifty Shades of Grey on camera, sometimes while drunk. If you absolutely must see that, it is here.
  • I will shortly begin posting video book reviews, and will link them here as well.

Are you looking for a website as slick and professional-looking as this one? will do the necessary.