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I was born on the longest night in 1983. Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) was fond of saying he was a “last century” man, but I am not. Part of me is sorry and wears hats.

I began my career in journalism and ended it before it ended me. I spent some time in South America writing and reporting and taking photos and was recently summoned to work in state government in Illinois, which I am honored to do.

I hold cars and adverbs in contempt. Cats understand me, and dogs love me sometimes more than I am able to reciprocate. There are no bad people, only weak people.

Anyway, my stuff:

  • Check out my Fiction, where you can read some of my short stories and excerpts from my novels. I will soon have more work available in e-book form.
  • I wrote way more than was really necessary as a reporter, and you can read some of the less boring entries in the Non-fiction section, which continues to grow.
  • Before I briefly fled the country, I, uh, read Fifty Shades of Grey on camera, sometimes while drunk. If you absolutely must see that, it is here.

Are you looking for a website as slick and professional-looking as this one? will do the necessary.