Short stories

The city of Amaranth is the smoggy capitol of a modern world fighting to cast off the wild magic of the past. Freelance inspector St. John Blackdale finds himself another reluctant hero as he goes up against thaumaturgical thieves, scientific charlatans, and labor union strikes. These lurid tales are not for the faint of heart!

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These are a few stories that stand alone, or don’t fit into a genre easily.

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  • Coming soon: Bryce Canyon


Novel excerpts

Long September

Illinois. September of 2001. 12-year-old Ian Flinders was the last person to see Eve Raines alive. Her murderer is out there in the whisper of the wind through the corn and the shadows of the decaying homes that sit gap-toothed along abandoned streets. As he wanders through a nightmarish landscape of the mind to find the killer, Ian realizes the greatest threat is the twisted people who are hunting them both.