One of the things you need to do to be a good writer is just to continually write. And I think another thing is to be open to criticism, and to encourage it from people you trust to give you meaningful critiques. So, I’ve decided you can be a beneficiary and a benefactor of my artistic process right here and read something as I write it!

Forgotten Autumn is an idea I have had gestating for a while. I am writing it using Q10, a few-frills text editor that gives me several features I just can’t do without (including a typing noise, which, I have to say, you don’t realize is soothing until you try it yourself). I’m using the Markdown language, which can be converted into HTML. I’ve become more and more convinced that HTML is where our written communication is going, and Markdown essentially makes writing in it painless by doing what I always say technology should: Making the effort to meet you halfway on what you mean to say.

I am going to post Forgotten Autumn chapter-by-chapter and in a full dump, to be read at your leisure. It is free as long as you credit me. Enjoy, share, and come back for more!

– K.

Forgotten Autumn

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  • Chapter 1 – I was half-right. That’s about my percentage on all political prognostication, and yet they keep hiring me.