That was pertinent, I promise.

Today I got a bit later of a start to my writing than I ought to have, but I did get out another big chunk. I think I’m more than a full day ahead now, amazingly. This is probably entirely a function of me having so much of the story already figured out and the rest of this just now naturally flowing.

“Flowing” is a fitting descriptor here, considering that the bad guy I am employing here resides in a twisted sort of nightmare world where water is an aesthetic bit of creepiness as well as a very real hazard. Today’s scene had him cleaning up a weak link in his organization, because he’s evil you see. Like (my now favorite [fictional…?] depiction of) Shia LeBeouf, this is a devious, dangerous cannibal.

Let’s have a look at the day’s stats:

NaNoWriMo Day 6
START: 149,304
END: 151,577
GOAL: 12,069/50,000

Once I hit the actual stride of a scene and it comes to me what I want to actually happen in it, the words just pour out. That’s what happened again today, even when I messed around with putting the villain’s voice in SCARY FONT. The problem I’m going to have to overcome at some point, however, is this writing until midnight thing. It’s killing me.