Authority changes hands. | Kenneth Lowe via Notegraphy

Okay, I won’t bitch any further about hating writing this thing. After an evening where I lost my lead again because I dicked around, had a friend over, and couldn’t be bothered to remain conscious long enough to write more than 1,000 or so words, I was finally able to power through and produce a good day’s writing today.

Part of that was circling back and adding in a clarifying scene in the past, one which should pay off here in the future in a little bit. While what I am writing now seems scattershot, it really is clarifying the whole book to me. These 50,000 words, you’ll notice, are going to be somewhat more than a quarter of what I’ve written over the past several years so far, and they’re solidifying the imagery, some of the characters and their relationships, and really setting up the bad guys, who don’t get much detail in the first chunk of the book. All told, while I worry that I may have created a jagged mess. I’ve also dumped on a lot of raw material that I am totally willing to rework.

Let’s take a look at the stats, with apologies for so many posts leading up to this that didn’t “run the meter” as they used to say it in Spawn:

NaNoWriMo Day 27
START: 182,765
END: 184,682
GOAL: 45,174/50,000

So there! Managed that even as I had to get up and back from Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. Victory at this point is all but assured. I just have to hunker down this long weekend and thank Abe Lincoln for the privilege of having the next three days off.