Ken here.

I have, for a while now, been trying to convince myself that I should take my personal writing endeavors seriously, and I think I’ve finally rounded a corner on it.

Following a rough time in a reporting job, I fled the country for a while, where I tried to get hired as an English teacher and ended up doing a whole bunch of freelance writing instead. One area I still have not broken into has been fiction, and I’ve decided that rather than sit around and stress about how good anything I’ve written is (for it is as good as I can make it, isn’t it?) I’m going to just start making some of it available here and hope that others want to pay me a little bit for it.

So, welcome! I blather about myself in the About Me section. Check out the stories I have made available for view in the Fiction section, and see the copious amount of journalistic writing I am willing to admit to having authored in the Nonfiction section.

Have you had a chance to let Ken Reads Erotica inside of you? Because you absolutely shouldn’t.

Hope we see more of each other.